Crypto market price slump – Not only the Bitcoin price has dropped

Prices continue to tumble. With a Bitcoin price of less than 6,500 euros, a market capitalisation of just over 100 billion euros and a 24-hour trading volume of just under 6 million euros, it is not only the Bitcoin that is in the red. Not only the Bitcoin left springs. The same can be seen […]

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„An investment without a fundamental analysis is impossible“ – Laurenz Apiarius of Blockwall

Laurenz Apiarius is Managing General Partner at Blockwall, the first German BaFin-registered fund manager to give its investors access to the development of Blockchain technologies. We talked to him about his personal background, the product offered by Blockwall and his view on crypto currencies. Were you already involved with the Bitcoin evolution before this project […]

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Cashless: Indian Central Bank RBI explores block chain

Could India’s blockchain technology help the transition to a cashless society? The Indian government has already taken steps in this direction and has since published controversial plans to distance itself from physical money. A group of scientists, supported by the Central Bank, now called for an investigation into the blockchain. It is supposed to help […]

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